Monday, March 29, 2010

Paul Sahre - Design Lecture @ Kent State

Here was my impression of Paul Sahre. Almost all of his work is dictated by grid structure. He is inspired by Josef Muller Brockmann's work. I liked his studies of a grid that has a visual impact for book covers. His book designs didn't look all too impressive but his concepts are very well thought out. I like how he experimented on almost all his work. It inspired me to start thinking outside of the box more. Start incorporating a visual grid into my work more often than I have before. He likes collecting books, its inspiration for him on future book cover commissions. His clientele is well known such as designer James Victore and the New York Times. He went back to Kent for his graduate degree in graphic design. He emphasized that thought process should be a major part in your work and that an idea sketched out before even touching the computer is probably the most imporatant thing for designers. An interesting piece that he did for a client was magazine spreads on UFOs. He started out by spending a night trying to get abducted by aliens. The spreads ended up being photo emphasis of his tools he used to be abducted. Overall I wasn't moved by his work. I felt that some his work was scribbles on a page and call it design. Kent has a totally different program than Akron's in the sense that they are more traditional. 7 out of 10

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