Tuesday, March 30, 2010

stevegovern.com + design-hq.org

I officially bought the domain names for my portfolio site and my web 2 project they may turn into something hopefully big. My idea, Design HQ, would be a non-profit like design community for designers and artists alike to post inspiration or talk about design itself. There will be a chat server like facebook or aim for this site called Critique. It's where designers can upload working progress for others to see and receive feedback from other designers. A store will be on the site to sell books, designers work and other goodies. Design Headquarters will receive no funds whatsoever. It is a free site for designers to create an account and network amongst others. It will team up with my classmates website to help with job postings and golden opportunities. I also want a section called Creative Brief to be a star on the site. It will be a fun activity for designers to keep their minds fresh and explore numerous projects ranging from print such as identity, packaging, or poster design to web site design layouts to flash movies. Once i hit the ground running i am going to need some help with other designers input and programmers. Hope this baby works. Just bought a name for it for 10 bucks! Keep designing well my friends!!!

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